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There are certain places you can and cannot take your board. Restricted surfing areas are established to protect the tourists and children. However if there is a good hurricane on the way, there won’t be anyone else around to worry about except fellow surfers! If you are caught with an “unleashed” board, you will be fined. The City is very vigilant about this!

Area A
Little Island Park, north of the pier, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, 9am to 5pm.

Area B
South of Little Island Park, restricted to the boundaries of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Area C
Between the southern line of the U.S. Naval reservation/Dam Neck and the northern line of Little Island Park. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you can only surf here before 10am and after 5pm. (Sharks feed in the afternoon).

Area D
North of Camp Pendleton to 42nd Street, except for the area 300 feet north and south of the Pier. Again, here you are beached between 10am and 5pm, May 15 through Sept 30th.

Area E
Fort Story to 42nd Street. No surfing between 10am-5pm, Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Area F
The end of Croatan Beach (600 feet). Except for the occasional military maneuvers, you can ride the waves here from 9:30 am until 6pm from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Area G
Croatan beach for 800 feet below the southern jetty of Rudee Inlet. open 24/7.

Area H
North of Rudee Inlet’s northern jetty (500 feet). it’s all yours from sunrise to sunset.

Some Tips:

  • Be patient.
    Focus on catching that one good wave. Patience is the first step. Be willing to sit out there for a while without catching anything. Being over eager can make you miss a good one. Be more selective and don’t just go on anything. Eventually you will learn to judge the waves. This separates the seasoned surfers from the green ones. Just make sure that you are ready for it when it finally comes.
  • Be aware.
    While you are being patient, you also need to be completely aware of where you are at all times. This doesn’t necessarily mean being the farthest and deepest surfer out there. Don’t let the other surfers sit on you all the time, trying to talk and distract you. Stay focused on the ocean and what its doing. The waves will not break in the exact same place every time. Study the shift and constantly reposition to anticipate the break. This “sixth sense” is feeling that next wave before it comes in.
  • Be a good person.
    Good things come to good people. You shouldn’t paddle around the other surfers or burn brother surfers to get waves. Share the ocean and don’t practice “wave rage”.