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Virginia Beach is a fabulous place to live, work and play! The FBI/U.S. Census Bureau claims that it is the “Safest City of 300,000 or more” in the United Sates. The Guinness Book of World Records has Virginia Beach recorded as having the “World’s Largest Pleasure Beach”. Ladies’ Home Journal Magazine claims that it is the “No. 1 City for Women”.

Part of Virginia Beach’s great appeal is the abundance of beautiful waterways, long, sand-covered beaches, mild winters and warm, sun-filled summers!

As for leisure activities, there are so many things to do here that there literally isn’t enough time to do everything!  These are some of the reasons why thousands of people come here to live, and thousands more come here for a fabulous vacation!

A short drive from the Oceanfront, in virtually any direction, can take you to the amusement parks, go-kart rides, pirate ship cruises, deep-sea fishing, dolphin-watching and sunset cruises, sightseeing, fine dining, AAA Baseball action, and many other places that will provide hours of enjoyment!

For example, thousands of people go to the Virginia Aquarium to view films at the IMAX Theater. The museum hosts two buildings with live animal habitats, touch tanks, 300-hands-on exhibits, an outdoor aviary with over 55 local bird species, ten acres of marsh habitat and a nature trail. You can view a 300,000 gallon aquarium housing sharks, stingrays and other large, open-water dwellers.

Virtually no one comes to Virginia Beach without taking a stroll on the Boardwalk! Virginia Beach is known for its miles of sandy beaches and inviting inlets for basking in the summer sun, surfing, water skiing, parasailing, and boating. Virginia Beach has some of the most beautiful local inland waters on the East Coast with 45 miles of scenic waterways, from the Lynnhaven River to North Carolina. Virginia Beach is home to Broad Bay, Linkhorn Bay and Back Bay.

Not to be missed are the dolphins, which can be seen almost constantly traveling up and down the shoreline. There are several local charters available to view these lovely mammals up close. Many of the charters are so sure that you will see dolphins that they guarantee it.

Nighttime entertainment includes Music and Dance Clubs, Comedy Clubs, Concerts, Theater, Opera, Symphony and Movies. Most of the cultural arts are performed at the Pavilion Theater, 1000 19th Street, and in the Wells Theater, 110 East Tazewell Street, Norfolk. Huge, “acoustically-perfect” concerts are held at Chrysler Hall in the heart of Downtown Norfolk. The local nightclub entertainment ranges from cool-sounding jazz to lively discotheques.

Virginia Beach is rich with history! You must visit the First Landing Cross at Cape Henry in the north end of the Oceanfront. This cross bears witness to the location where the Colonists first set foot on the shores of the New World on April 26, 1607. Cape Henry soon became a pathway for British Merchant ships which began calling on America. Also located nearby at Cape Henry are the two lighthouses.

Virginia Beach’s neighbor to the Northwest is the City of Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk has beautiful attractions such as Hampton Roads Naval Museum and The Waterside. Norfolk is a cosmopolitan business center. Many people come to stay in Virginia Beach when on business in Norfolk. It is a relaxing place to visit in any season. The Atlantic Ocean is quite beautiful in the Fall and Winter, as well. The climate is mild year round.

Virginia Beach, like the rest of Virginia, is on the move. Homes, Apartments and Condominiums are being built at an incredible rate. Business is booming! Real Estate values are soaring!  Plus, there are ample schools, colleges and Universities to meet the local’s needs. Many retire here because of the low cost of living and beautiful, casual environment. It is just a good place to be.

Thank You for choosing to relax in Virginia Beach Virginia!