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There is just nothing like the beach for relaxation…The beach is as versatile as the sun lovers on it. On nice summer days, many people can be seen soaking up rays, frolicking in the waves, building sand castles, or taking a stroll along the shoreline. Some may enjoy riding the waves on a surfboard. Others prefer parasailing or jet skiing. Whatever your passion, just about everyone enjoys a love of surf and sand! Below is a variety beaches found in Virginia Beach.

When someone mentions “the beach”, this is often the area that comes to mind. The Resort Strip stretches roughly from the Jetty at 1st Street to 38th Street in Virginia Beach. This is the “action-packed” area. Here the banner-towing airplanes fly, the oceanfront cafes cook, and the boardwalk bustles with activity. A pair of in-line skates is just steps away for rental, and lifeguards look out for your safety. There are 25 parking lots and metered street parking all along the oceanfront.

North of 38th Street in Virginia Beach is where the locals hang. Here the beach is wider. It becomes downright “huge” the further north you go. The homes that scatter the shoreline are breathtaking! It is truly a lovely place. You must need to know, however, that there are no public restrooms or public parking lots near this area of the beach. No one is permitted near or on the sea oats. (Don’t even think about it!). There are no lifeguards. To enjoy the North End beaches, one must get there early to secure a rare “on street” parking spot, pack a lunch or snack, and run the risk of dehydration by abstaining from liquids to avoid the need for a restroom. For these reasons, locals refer to the North End as “Extreme Beaches”.

South of the resort strip beaches in Virginia Beach lies Croatan. It is a local’s haven. All-Day surfing is permitted here. It is also an “Extreme Beach”, but there is a lifeguard, as well as a public restroom, and a pay phone. However, directions to Croatan Beach are a secret that we are well-paid not to disclose.

At the end of 64th Street in Virginia Beach lies, “The Narrows”. The weird thing is, you take a left off of Atlantic Avenue to get there, if you are heading North. You’ll see the First Landing State Park entrance at the end. You may be stopped by a Park Ranger upon entering. He may ask for a nominal fee. There is a boat ramp, beach and fishing area that abut Broad Bay. This is one of the loveliest sights in Virginia Beach! Broad Bay is just that – “broad”. It is breathtakingly beautiful! There is lots of boat traffic, which creates an ever-changing and entertaining view. Biking and hiking trails add to the versatility of this great area!

Take Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, (drive north up Atlantic Avenue until it ends around 83rd Street), through the densely wooded area around First Landing State Park and you shall enter the wonderful world of “Chick’s Beach”. There will actually be two beaches on the way. The first beach that you will pass will actually be part of the park. Turn right into the First Landing State Park entrance and the Ranger will greet you with directions to the beach. This is a beautiful stretch of Virginia Beach, and has restrooms. It is an unpopulated beach, and has great natural beauty and a wonderful view of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The second beaches lie just over the Lesner Bridge on both sides, to the left and to the right. These are bay beaches, with calmer water. The beach to the left offers restrooms. There is a tremendous amount of power boat, Jet Ski and sailboat traffic on the bay. It is lovely. Just stay away from the bridge when swimming. There have been many drownings over the years due to the strong currents that run through that area.

This incredible area is so pretty! It has an “Outer Banks” feel to it. It is a private, residential community known as a “city within a city” in Virginia Beach. Locals love having tourists around. In fact, the broad beach is guarded by lifeguards to watch out for Sandbridge visitors during the summer months. There is a playground, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts. Also available for visitors is a snack bar, restrooms and a shady picnic area on Little Island. To find Sandbridge, take General Booth Boulevard away from the resort area. Make a left onto Princess Anne Parkway at the Nimmo Church. (Historic, white church). Take another left onto Sandbridge Road. Next, make a left onto Sandfiddler Road. Ahead you will see the water tower, at Sandbridge.